The Coronavirus Diaries: Moms Share on IG

 As we all cope in our own way with social-distancing, coronavirus, and its implications for our families, I hope we can use social media as a platform for more and deeper connection with each other. Today we're sharing posts from moms on IG about their experience with COVID-19 and the feelings, fears, and changes it has brought with it. With differing needs, perspectives and stages of life, we all have one thing in common: our love for our children. I hope this post introduces you to a few more moms you'd like to meet. Got more moms to share? Let us know in the comments! Stay safe and well. xoxo


I know this is a space for fashion and motherhood and fun. Right now, it needs to be a place where you can come and feel safe AND informed. At the end of the day, your lives mean a LOT to me and not a pretty frilly top or new lipstick. Yes, I will keep sharing fun stuff because we need an outlet but I will also keep you informed with what I know to be true and how we can all get through this together.

Today I worked in the ED at 22 weeks pregnant, worried for the life of my baby and my own life. I took an oath to serve as did MANY others and I want you to know that this isn’t easy for ANY of us.

The reality that COVID is everywhere is here. We still have limited tests but there are MANY patients coming in with symptoms and that would most likely be positive if we could test them all (and hopefully will soon in the next couple days). Your chance of exposure already is hugh (IMO). My husband and I both work emergency medicine and are already seeing the serious implications that this virus can have.

This post is just a friendly reminder that I want to put out here to keep this community as safe as possible. I also see many people not taking it seriously and continuing on with their daily activities. In all honesty, the best way to shut this down is to order a national lockdown (which will hopefully happen), PLEASE stay home. Have fun with your kids and keep your distances from others. Does it suck? YES. But guess what? This is our BEST chance at keeping ourselves and OTHERS safe right now. It’s not about YOU, it;s about people less likely to fight off the virus.

Also, for the record, there ARE young people on ventilators with no medical problems. Yes it’s less likely but no one is immune. No one. Pray for those on the front end of this thing. It’s scary shit.


This reminder has been on repeat in my mind for a while now, but in light of #covid_19 it feels timely to share.

I’m all about taking care of ourselves. I love a good book, long run, face mask or hot bath just like the next mama, but sometimes sacrificing our own needs (*wants) for the good of someone else is the most fulfilling of all.

This isn’t the time to make ourselves feel better with distraction or Netflix binges (although those things sound reallyyy good right now), this is the time to wake up to the needs around us.


Focus on what’s good and true. Release pressure, shake off the overwhelm, offer grace, to yourself, more than ever. And in case you need a little change of pace, I’ve written up our favorite family friendly books, moveis, shows, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and unstructured activities over on the nurture blog today if you’d like to check them out...absolutely nothing pinterest worthy, I assure you. Also, almond milk steamers for all! Heat your milk of choice, add a little agave, vanilla, cinnamon, and a tbsp of flaxseed oil if you have it. Whiz it up with an electric has one for $10 (a quick blast with the blender will work too). A mug of comfort, watch, listen, or read something uplifting, step outside and look up...keep on looking up. Xo


Laughter is good for the immune system and I’m just trying to do my part, mkay?

Despite my comedy attempts here our Dietz fam is taking this all very seriously. I think if everyone does their part now, today, we can make a big impact and flatten that curve! Life feels odd and overwhelming right now but we are in this together. IS that so cheesy to say? I was humming “Lean on Me” with the group of shoppers waiting in line with me at TJ’s this morning so I have gone full cheese. ‘M here for a little cheese and a bit of laughter. We have got this.



I went from wishing my due date was sooner so we could meet this baby, to wishing baby would stay safe inside me until all this COVID craziness is over. I got an email from the hospital I am supposed to deliver at that no children or guests are allowed to come to the hospital during my stay, and I am allowed one person in the room with me during my delivery. I’m reallllly hoping things change for the better before baby girl comes,but that only works if we all do our part and social distance ourselves.


Motherhood is always challenging you. Everything going on right now has been scary for so many. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to best protect my kids and family the best I can. I’m also learning how to protect them from fear. Fear is human nature but it can also get out of control and rule us. I never want that for my kids. As someone who suffers with anxiety times like now are very difficult for me. I’m doing my best to be positive in front of my kids, make each day just as fun and full of laughter. However also leaving a healthy balance for me to feel my feelings. We are all human and cope in our own ways. I put my kids to bed last night and had a good little cry in my bathroom. It felt good to get it out! Then I went to bed and woke up ready to take on the day with my babies! So the whole point of this post is not to let fear control us, not only for ourselves but for our kiddos who are watching every move we make...but also in your own time making time for your feelings. Love you all and always be kind! 


STOCKPILING COVID -19 Another look at stockpiling, Of course it’s not helpful for everyone but for some it feels like a necessity. Just because we are using the term ‘panic’ generally and can’t understand what ‘panic’ actually means for some people does not make it okay to get online and bash people’s behaviours. Please share this perspective and encourage kindness online. This is a fictional piece based on the experiences of several close friends.


There’s a lot of worry and fear spreading out there right now, but there’s also so many things bringing light and peace, and what I love right now is challenging myself to look a little harder to find those things. In the multiple times I heard people saying “thank you” to the workers at the grocery store today. In the posts I’ve read about people offering up items and essentials for free to anyone who could use them. In the voice of my son tonight when he told me how excited he was to spend extra time with mam this week. In all the gentle reminders that we’re powerful beyond measure and have so many internal mechanisms to calm down and breathe. In this sweet face of my little baby who knows he’s taken care of at any cost. Remember to breathe, and remember that there’s lots to still be positive about if we just look.


Social distancing for us doesn’t look much different than our everyday lives. We’re hanging out in comfy clothes, I’ve got a baby attached to my boob and a toddler who wants to do “fashcars wit mommy” what are you up to today?


I went grocery shopping for needed essentials after being on vacation last week. Not much was left in the store, but I did find something to bring a little sunshine in my home. Sunflowers.

It reminds me that even though things might be a little dark in the world right now, we can always strive to find the light. Stay safe and healthy friends.


Our local grocery stores are out of bread, so we are using this as an opportunity to practice the art of bread making! Like most of you, our kids’ co-ops and activities are indefinitely on hold, so we decided to shift our rhythms here at home, too. We are still doing math and reading aloud, but are working on projects that expend energy while we are homebound. We have been spending a lot of time outside adding soil and much to our gardens and working on those practical skills that we used to prioritize but that often now get lost in the business of everyday life. We’re hoping to discover the best bread recipe and started with Mark Bittman’s No Knead Bread! (If you have a favorite bread recipe, we’d love to know!) We’re taking an online sourdough class with my friend @raisingwholefamilies on Saturday. Wishing you all peace and wellness during this time!


I’ve been quiet about this, but woke up with a nee to share so I’m using this platform to hopefully spread some light and insight. We have a social obligation, or more appropriately bond, to our community. Think about your neighbor. Stay home, eat dinner at the dining room table together, read a new book, go on a hike, do puzzles, art projects and crafts. Rediscover each other. Be aware and considerate of your immune compromised neighbor. I can’t help but think...if this happened last summer when Leo was airlifted downstate… we could have lost him. He wouldn’t have had a fighting chance , left with next to no white blood cells from his chemotherapy. I’ve been avoiding the news, and letting so much of the negative take over. The stories of hoarding and profiting specifically. So I leave you with something I’ve needed to remind myself of everyday, from one of the kindest human beings to ever exist, “When I was a boy I would see scary things on the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” And for those families who rely on free school lunch for their children and are now facing long term school closings, so many communities are still offering meals but for rural communities I hope we can find a way for those children to somehow receive them. 


Trying to make things fun around here for these kiddos. I created a Spotify playlist for dance parties when we need a little movement (and mom needs a little stress relief). In all seriousness, dancing around like a fool feels really good, so I highly recommend doing it with your family too. Also, not sure who Elsa is spread eagle for in the corner. Easy there, woman. (Spotify list is called Lauren McBride Dance Party Jams- tag me if you use it!!!)


“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” Saint Franci de Sales

Simple moments, simple joys. Ones that pull you through, one day at a time.


We are not panicking. We are staying calm and prepared. We are being rational and mindful. Schools are closing, baseball season for my oldest has been suspended, my husband’s job has notified him that he will likely work from home for the time being. Many of us are reasonably practicing social distancing. I however am about to take a nap and prepare for my 12 hour night shift tonight at the hospital. I don’t have the option to work from home or always keep my distance from people who are unwell. I take the necessary precautions I need to when I am at work and when I return home to keep myself and my family safe. If you take the necessary steps such as practicing good hygiene, keeping your distance from large crowds, maintaining an adequate (but not an unnecessarily over-abundant) supply of the essential things such as water, food, disinfectant, you will find that there's no need to panic. Stay calm friends - enjoy being home with your families if possible and most importantly wash your hands.


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