Coronavirus: Mom Profiles

Today on the blog we're sharing some personal experiences and perspectives about Coronavirus from moms in our community. These confessionals represent these mama's opinions and theirs alone. It takes strength and bravery to be vulnerable, so let's come together in support. Please show these moms some love by following along with them and checking out their accounts and blogs. If you'd like to share your thoughts with us and be featured on the next post, please email Thank you for being here. Stay safe and well!

Alexis Kristiana, mom of Zion

Brooklyn, NY


Coronavirus Mom Profiles

Being a new mom during Covoid-19 has been hell.

:As I’m sure going through this for anybody right now hasn’t been easy, but my mind is stuck on all the new mama’s and expecting mama’s out there.

: We deal with so much fear of the unknown and uncertainty in life with our little ones everyday, on top of navigating through the daily challenges of motherhood, it’s not easy. Now throw in a potentially deadly virus that has put our world upside down.

: When I was pregnant with my son Zion, I had SO much to worry about because it was all unknown. I never expected something like this. It’s unknown and I’m scared of that uncertainty for my child.

: My child who I waited on for 9 months- my child who is so fresh to the world - my child who I want to protect- my child who is innocent and pure- my child who counts on me- my child who I love more than anything.

: From one new mom to another I want to send love and support your way. We weren’t prepped in our child birthing classes on “what to do in a pandemic with your new baby .”

: But we are strong , we are brave and we’ve already endured some testing moments in life entering motherhood. We are all in this together, let’s support and uplift one another now more than ever. Stay home, hold your loved ones close, and help to flatten the curve by all means.

Monika Sollis, mom of Roman (20 mo)

Chicago, IL


coronavirus mom profile

A Day in Our Quarantine Life

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? You’d think I’d be used to this type of lifestyle being a SAHM and rarely ever leaving the house anyways, but this quarantine life is a whole different story. For starters, my husband is working from home the next couple of weeks and although at first that sounded like my dream come true, things quickly went array. Let me tell you why. Our son Roman is 20 months old and basically is going through that terrible 2s stage right now. Every single thing turns into a tantrum. Did you know apple juice needed to be in the blue cup and not the Paw Patrol one? I learned this the hard…

We also thought it was a smart time to start potty training. You know, since we are stuck inside the house all day everyday, this gave us the perfect excuse to stay consistent and committed to the task. Well let’s just say our toddler just isn’t feeling this whole potty training thing and we’ve had lots of pee to wipe off the floors, multiple tantrums over him wanting to wear pants, crying pretty much all day about something or other. You can just imagine the tension my husband and I started to feel with one another. We were now getting angry and bickering daily. One of us wanted to continue the potty training while the other one wanted to just put a diaper back on and call it quits to reduce the added stress.

Normally, we would go outside or walk around Target just for fun but that has not been possible. A trip to the library or a play place is also out of the question. Basically at this point everyone, including our toddler, has lot their minds sitting at home with no where to go to just get away. A walk outside sounds like a great idea right? Well it would if it hasn’t been cold or raining every day this past week here.

Overall, I know we’ll all make it out alive (barely) after this is all over with but I am just really happy to be able to help reduce the spreading of the virus to others if one of us was to potentially have it. We are doing our part protecting our community and I hope you all are too. I hope everyone is staying safe out there and mamas and dads I hope you don’t lose any more of what’s already left of your sanity. Hug those kiddos tight and count your blessings. Even when it’s hard like it may be right now, think positively and use this time to really connect and bond with your loved ones.

Jamie Barker, mom of Elowyn (1 yr) and Wallace (5 yr)

Pasadena, CA


coronavirus mom profiles

Since I am a mother who works from home, not many things have physically changed. What has changed is the energy in our communities and how we interact with one another. I have noticed a lack of eye contact when I do go out to get my groceries. It's almost as if people are scared to stay connected because we have been told to be distant. I do not let this change how I move through the world. As a person from a small town who greatly appreciates connection, I make sure to smile and communicate with those around me, even if that means sharing a smile from across the street. I make sure my children know that our neighbors are our friends, and we are all stronger together. We are doing our part and staying home, mostly we want to protect our parents but I still wonder, is the economic impact going to be worse for us than the actual virus? I feel very confused at the moment but am so grateful to have my children who keep me smiling and keep me grateful.


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