Amara Baby Food: Fall Food Fact Friday Roundup

At Amara, we're a bunch of food nerds on a mission to bring better baby food to you and your family. We strongly believe that if you change the way our babies eat and expose them to REAL food, real nutrients, real textures and real tastes - we can radically change the way our future generations eat... and think! Every Friday over on our Instagram, we bring you food fact Fridays, a place for us to do a deep dive into food facts (also what we know how to do best!). If you're looking for what baby food to try for your baby, or if you are looking to be a bit more informed about what is actually in your food and the process behind what you eat - this is the place for you. Without further ado, here is our food fact Friday round up from the fall:

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Our first FOOD FACT FRIDAY; Let’s keep this first one simple, I'm not going to go all science on you because the truth is, good food is pretty simple to spot once you know what to look for. And you don't need to take a course in nutrition to figure it out. . . Here are the top things you want to look at in any packaged food (especially baby food): . .

🥕COLOR: Does the color look like something your grandma found in her kitchen? Does it still look like the vegetable it has on the front of the package? . .

🥦TEXTURE: If you made this meal at home, would it have this texture? Is the texture of fresh still there? . .

🥕TASTE: Not just does it taste good, but does it take similar to what you have if you made it at home? . .

🥦INGREDIENT LIST: Can you buy all the ingredients at your local grocery store? . . . If you answered yes to at least 3/4 above - it means the packaged food still has the high quality taste and texture of fresh foods.

🥕🥦🥕This goes for baby food or any other packaged food! Questions? Ask us in the comments below!


Amara Best Baby Food_Food Fact 2 No added Sugar


You already know that sugar is bad for you and your little, right? But did you know that sugar can come with different names on the ingredient label?

Even if it says "organic" or "0 g sugar added", there may still be sugar in your food. Here are some names to help you stay away from sugar: . . . If you have more- comment below!

Amara Best Baby Food_Food Fact 3 Whats the best baby food


Weird to talk about programming when you're a baby food company, right?

But did you know the food decisions in early life have a lasting health impact on health? Studies show that what you eat before you're 3 years old actually correlates to what you eat after you're 7 years old.

A study done on how much free sugars intake should be recommended for children younger than 2 years old established that sweet taste experiences in infancy trigger the preference for this flavor, which is then linked to children's poor dietary habits. (!) 

Now we all know that what we eat matters, but what we eat when we're little, really matters. Think about it, we are actually "programming" our tiny humans for healthy habits as adults.

That's why it's so important to teach our future foodies the TASTE, TEXTURE and nutrients of REAL FOOD. Who's with me?! 💪🏻💪🏻


Amara Best Baby Food_Food Fact 4 whole food ingredients


Have you ever wondered what the difference between whole grain toast and white bread is? 


The sugar in white toast is digested quickly by our enzymes, giving us a quick surge in blood sugar. That sugar rush then leaves us feeling tired, and in toddler speak, fussy 😭

Whole grain breads are more complex, slower to digest and have to be broken down bit by bit in your system. This makes you feel satisfied for longer and avoids that blood sugar spike.

The difference between the two is all in how processed it is, so the closer we get to real food, without heavy processing - the longer we’ll stay full, the better our gut will feel and the better WE will feel. . . . This holds true for baby food too.

The more processed, the higher in sugars and the worse we feel. So here’s to getting our future foodies the closest thing to homemade. #pressureprotected #amara


Like these Food Facts? Come join us every Friday on Instagram where we dive into food facts related to your baby's diet, gut health and so much more! 

At Amara, we truly believe that if we feed our babies real tastes, textures and nutrients of whole foods - we can change the way our future generations eat (and think!). Come try our organic baby foodmeals, full of rich tastes and nutrition. Amara, making homemade, possible. 


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